The Gretchen Hupfel Endowment Fund

The Delaware Contemporary proudly announces the establishment of the Gretchen Hupfel Endowment Fund, which will fund The Delaware Contemporary’s Gretchen Hupfel Curator of Contemporary Art and a continuing series of symposia, launched with the highly successful and provocative April 2008 Symposium Interrogating Beauty.

The Gretchen Hupfel Endowment Fund, the first endowment fund at The Delaware Contemporary, has been established as a challenge to the community. Won’t you join us in assuring that Gretchen’s name will live on and that it will forever be associated with the presentation of the finest in “new ideas/new art” at The Delaware Contemporary? Your Gretchen Hupfel Endowment Fund gift today will help make this ambitious goal a reality.

The Gretchen Hupfel Distinguished Lecture is named for Gretchen Hupfel, a conceptually oriented artist who worked in many different disciplines. She passed away in 2002 at the age of thirty-nine. This named lecture furthers the legacy of a passionate and remarkably talented artist and will not only commemorate her death, but celebrate her life.

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