Broad Spectrum

Exhibit Dates: 
Jul 6, 2013 - Oct 6, 2013
DuPont I & II Galleries

Curated by Molly Donovan, Associate Cuator of Modern Art, National Gallery, D.C.

broad-spectrum adj. (orig. U.S.) of a drug, effective over a wide range of diseases or micro-organisms.

1952 Sci. Amer. Apr. 49/3 They are known as the broad-spectrum drugs, because each of them attacks a wide range of infections.

1954 S. DUKE-ELDER Parsons’ Dis. Eye (ed. 12) x. 121 The ‘broad spectrum’ antibiotics, are clinically effective against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative organisms.

1969 Times 3 Mar. 5/8 The new concept of integrated pest control was discussed... It means avoiding the broad spectrum chemicals and changing lines of attack. 

Art can cure whatever ails us. It improves our lives. Art is also preventative and keeps us from acquiring negative effects, whether social, psychological, or physiological. Art is extensive, and thereby capable of treating a wide variety of issues. Perhaps, most importantly, art is inclusive. The term “broad-spectrum” applies to this selection of works at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts (DCCA) because it includes different expressions, materials, and subjects. 

Taken on its own, the term “broad” applies to the mission of the DCCA to “extend innovative programs to a diverse community.” The word “spectrum” also refers to a wide range of characteristics, most appropriately those (multicolored or dark) defined by a light source. So too, this term speaks to the purpose of DCCA to give “exposure to the creative process.” For an exhibition opening in summertime, Broad Spectrum operates as a metaphor for art as an ointment that offers value and protection, a sunscreen that enables the goodness of the light to get in, while keeping the harmful rays out.

-Molly Donovan

Associate Curator, Modern Art, National Gallery 


Congratulations to the 2013 Member's Juried Group Exhibition Artists:


Edwina Brennan • West Chester, PA

Nancy Breslin • Newark, DE

Linda Celestian • Wilmington, DE

Steven Dobbin • Mt. Airy, MD

Edward Evans • Stroudsburg, PA

Daniel Gerwin • Philadelphia, PA

Lorraine Glessner • Rockledge, PA

Mia Halton • Baltimore, MD

Florin Hategan • ON, Canada

Laura Beamesderfer Havlish • Philadelphia, PA

Joseph Iacona • Philadelphia, PA

June Julian • New York, NY

Dean Kessman • Washington, D.C.

Jack Knight • Long Neck, DE

David Knopp • Baltimore, MD

Patrick Koziol • Philadelphia, PA

Bradley LaMere • Wilmington, DE

Jae Hee Lee • Columbia, MD

Nicole Lenzi • Baltimore, MD

Paulo Machado • Landenberg, PA

Charles Mintz • Cleveland, OH

Matt Neff • Philadelphia, PA

Jack Schneider • Jamaica Plain, MA

Constance Simon • Wilmington, DE

Carol Taylor-Kearney • Wenonah, NJ

Sabina Tichindeleanu • Philadelphia, PA