An Implied Narrative: Contemporary Figurative Drawing

Exhibit Dates: 
Feb 16, 2013 - Jun 16, 2013
DuPont I Gallery

Curated by J. Gordon


An Implied Narrative examines how three contemporary artists explore personal and cultural narratives through drawn representations of the human figure. By investigating themes such as fame, gender, political affiliation, and anonymity, the artists invite viewers to question their own relationships to these various identities. 
Looking at the works presented in the exhibition, we see that the compositions are sparse, with little or no contextual clues as to the type of space the figures inhabit. By removing extraneous elements, our focus is directed towards the signifiers of facial expression, body language, and dress to decipher what is presented. Who are these people, or, perhaps more accurately, who do we want them to be? 


Jason Maas
Mark Stockton
Sean Lyman