Masters of the Visual Universe

Exhibit Dates: 
Oct 7, 2011 - Feb 5, 2012
DuPont I & II Galleries

In contrast to an exhibition that seeks to find the next Art Star, Masters of the Visual Universe explores the constellation of artistic mediums, concepts, and practices rotating around 2011. Drawing upon themes of mastery in art, Masters of the Visual Universe probes the notion of art education, aesthetics and display. Conventionally, Masters of Fine Arts programs train graduate students to gain control of a particular medium such as painting or sculpture, and monumental thesis exhibitions like biennials strive to showcase the “best” examples of art under a particular theme. Such traditions in art have long been critiqued through a postmodern lens, yet these practices still persist in the art world and academia. Masters of the Visual Universe questions whether educational mastery in and of art is still a fact or a science fiction relic in the eyes of many young artists today. The exhibition also queries if an MFA Biennial can adequately reflect an awareness of all of the art being made in MFA programs in this geographic region. The viewer is asked to form his or her own opinion of educational traditions and museological practice today. Masters of the Visual Universe explores how recent graduate students and MFA candidates approach aesthetic traditions in ways that go beyond the creation of precious objects to mine the gallery of ideas as a free and galactic space.

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MFA Artists


David Armacost

Jordan Bernier

Kelly Brady

Yong Jea Cho

Joseph Cypressi

Elizabeth Donadio

Peter Eide

Emily Erb

Jill Fannon

N. Sean Glover

Elizabeth Hamilton

Keith Lea

Guy Loraine

Zeke Luman

Ursula Minervini

Jeffrey Moser

Erica Prince

Steven Riddle

Andrew Snyder

Rachel Timmins

Vincent Valerio

Ted Walsh