New Work

Exhibit Dates: 
Dec 7, 2013 - Mar 16, 2014


Healy reframes the gallery as a nostalgic space of reflection on domestic themes and ideas of home. Installing her sculptural interpretations of a bathtub, stove, and china cabinet against homemade wallpaper, the artist’s work evokes a life-size bathroom, kitchen, and living room. In this context, we recognize the signs and signifiers of a universal residence whose specific interior details emerge from Healy’s childhood memories as well as from the artist’s interviews with gallery visitors.
Healy begins each sculpture by screenprinting two-dimensional images of furniture onto fabric, which she stuffs and sews to produce three-dimensional forms that appear as quilted versions of real home furnishings. Creating her own rendition of everyday objects, Healy’s work recalls the satirical, soft sculptures of the Pop Artist Claes Oldenburg.
By pinning her artwork to the wall in an artificially constructed environment, Healy underscores traditional methods of historical reenactment and museological display. As repositories of artistic and material heritage, encyclopedic and collecting museums are tasked with deciding how to preserve and show cultural history. In the current context of the DCCA, Healy’s works exhibit a collective story of the past through a series of subjective, unofficial memories rather than one grand narrative.
-Maiza Hixson
Gretchen Hupfel Curator of Contemporary Art