Objects of Desire

Exhibit Dates: 
Mar 29, 2014 - Jul 6, 2014
E. Avery Draper Showcase
In his first exhibition at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, artist and professor Daniel Cutrone presents us with a series of mixed media glass works that address themes of intimacy, desire, and the environment that we as viewers inhabit within the gallery space. By creating objects that are precious in both their construction and presentation, he invites not only an appreciation of the delicate forms from a distance but also encourages a more in-depth inspection. 
Upon taking a closer look, our focus shifts from the overall construction to the intricate details and mirrored surfaces. As we look more closely the line between viewer and viewed is blurred and we find ourselves staring back at ourselves in reflection, inspecting our own desire to see and to understand.
-J. Gordon
Curatorial Associate