The Real Woman of Philadelphia Cream Cheese Contest

Exhibit Dates: 
Sep 7, 2012 - Nov 1, 2012
Moving Media Hall


The Real Woman of Philadelphia portrays the artist Jenny Drumgoole as an enthusiastic participant in Kraft Foods’ 2010 online cooking contest and female-oriented marketing campaign, Real Women of Philadelphia. With an endorsement by Southern culinary star Paula Deen, Kraft invited women to send in videos of themselves preparing their own recipes with Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Drumgoole submitted several videos of herself making uniquely titled dishes such as Cognitive Developmental Special Cheese & Macaroni and Cream Cheese Toxicity Cleanse, effectively creating her own bizarre cooking show. In another strange turn throughout the contest, Drumgoole randomly contacted other contestants to send footage of themselves flipping their hair while brandishing packages of cream cheese to hilarious effect. Drumgoole’s 35-minute video on view in the DCCA’s Moving Media exhibition is a Q & A-style documentary from 2011 about her experience as a contestant that includes actual footage of the artist’s original video recipe submissions, her trip to hear Deen speak, and clips from her wild goose chase to get Deen to sign her mother’s cookbook at the Delaware State Fair. The video leads us to believe that the artist is “discovered” by Deen who remarks upon Drumgoole’s unique contribution to the contest. 


Philadelphia artist Jenny Drumgoole’s work questions our cultural obsession with celebrity. The Real Woman of Philadelphia is a mockumentary of her own quest to meet Southern culinary star Paula Dean.

View all of Jenny Drumgool's videos on YouTube.

“Now girls, I gotta be honest – I don’t exactly know what's happening in this video! I just know that Jenny Drumgoole had me howling over here in Savannah. Watch all the way through…you won’t be disappointed!”

-“Paula Deen”, April 13, 2010, on recipe video #2

“And of course, our favorite wacky girl, Jenny Drumgoole. I love how much you ladies love this one of a kind gal. She's truly in a league of her own, and I just adore that I get to see so many of you in ONE video!”

-“Paula Deen”, May 26, 2010, on hairflipping recipe video #8

“And of course, the infamous (and maybe famous?) Jenny Drumgoole! I nominate Jenny to have her own website and show! What do you think, girls? I just love that she got all of you involved in this adorable video of hair flipping! And Jenny, you can tell your Momma that I think her daughter is a riot!”

-“Paula Deen”, May 25, 2010, on hairflipping recipe video #8