200 South Madison Street
Wilmington, Delaware 19801

P 302.656.6466
F 302.656.6944

Executive Director

John Shipman

Executive Director
302.656.6466 x7102





Helen Page: Associate Director for Administration 
302.656.6466 x7107


Maiza Hixson: Gretchen Hupfel Curator of Contemporary Art
302.656.6466 x7105

J. Susan Isaacs, Ph.D.: Curator of Special Projects

Annette Laszczkowska: Curatorial Assistant
302.656.6466 x7112

Steven Earl Weber: Exhibition Designer/Preparator
302.656.6466 x7114


Sarah Ware: Curator of Education
302.656.6466 x7101

Katy Scarlett: Borgenicht Foundation Education Assistant
302.656.6466 x7106

Development and Membership

David Keller: Director of Development
302.656.6466 x7111

Meagan Mika: Manager of Membership and Events
302.656.6466 x7109


Rebecca Klug: Manager of Marketing
302.656.6466 x7110

Facility Rentals

Meagan Mika: Manager of Membership and Events
302.656.6466 x7109

Visitor and Retail Services

Terry Foreman: Retail Manager
302.656.6466 x7113

Paul Andreas: Visitor Services
302.656.6466 x7104


Antonio Calzada-Charma: Security Manager
302.656.6466 x7104

Angel Catala: Security Guard
David Levitt: Security Guard
Seonglan Boyce: Security Guard