Brain Fruit II: An Excited State

Exhibit Dates: 
Dec 17, 2010 - Apr 17, 2011
Constance S. & Robert J. Hennessy

Brown creates installations of seeping, creeping, and dripping organic forms that suggest accumulation and decomposition. These environments are made up of brightly colored ceramic sculptures of epoxy resin and paint, urethane foam and plaster, and rubber, wire, and steel rods. Brown notes, “I intend for the work to suggest perpetual mutation as if ripening and rotting systems have been cross-wired and are melding into new growths.” Linear elements extend from the ceiling and floor connecting to viscous components that ooze and drip from bulbous masses, making the work appear a living conglomeration of pulsating biological organisms. Evoking oil spills and biological experiments gone awry, Brown’s work relates to her interest in human consciousness, the elasticity of the mind, and its potential for perpetual ripening. She describes her forms as “hyper-organic.” Implying growth, movement, and expansion, Brown strives to create “electrically charged” installations, which she believes convey “a feverish sense of immediacy and vitality.” The artist holds onto the idea of the transformative power of art, seeking “a flight of imagination that is linked to the physicality of this world but also moves beyond it.” Upon entering the gallery, viewers will sense that they are no longer in an ordinary place but have entered into a world of biological metamorphosis.

- J. Susan Isaacs, PhD,
Curator of Special Projects