A Conversation

Exhibit Dates: 
Apr 3, 2012 - Apr 29, 2012
Elizabeth Denison Hatch Gallery

A Conversation
An exploration of dialogue –  between ourselves and nature, with each other and within ourselves.

About Caroline Chen:

Caroline uses a painterly style often focusing on the emotion of a subject in addition to its outward appearance.

"Painting is personal. I enjoy the intimacy of the act of painting. It incorporates a spectrum of experiences: joy, freedom, pride, yearning, honesty, fear, shame, frustration. It is a space where time and daily life melt away and it is just the painting– and me. My favorite subject is human nature. I find it endlessly fascinating to paint people."

About Sallie Ketcham: 

Ketcham is a mixed media artist and photographer who has exhibited widely in the region including the Blue Streak Gallery, Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts and The White House.