Exhibit Dates: 
Jun 8, 2012 - Sep 9, 2012
Beckler Family Members' Gallery

Similar to a scientist, Zullinger explores the inner self through an examination of the human body. He does this using the medium of photography. His science is one of observation and incorporates the dramas of birth and death. Entering a darkened gallery, the viewer faces images of the human body, both the artist’s and his model. We are convinced that life processes are at work. Indeed they are, for Zullinger observes the entropy of life itself, the never ending decay of the human body. We see metaphors for youth and age, dark and light, good and evil, and the spiritual and the physical. The gallery space represents a tomb and a laboratory. It is not surprising to find out that the artist is fascinated by both Egyptian funerary architecture and the field of Physics. Each area equally informs his work and is at play here. Zullinger comments, “My artwork derives from the exploration of the inner self, and its contrast with the physical world.” Beginning with a psychic investigation of the subconscious and dreams, he brings together the mind and body, suggesting the transcendence of the human spirit. Like a physicist, Zullinger explores the nature of our existence, the relationship of our lives to the universe, and the dissipation of energy. Rationality and irrationality operate side-by-side.


- J. Susan Isaacs, PhD
Curator of Special Projects


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Exhibition opening during the July 6, 2012 Art on the Town from 5 - 9pm.  Gallery talks begin at 6:30pm.