Little White Cubes III: DCCA University

Exhibit Dates: 
Mar 7, 2014 - Apr 6, 2014
Constance S. & Robert J. Hennessy Project Space

Friday, March 6, 2014

Join us from 6:30 - 7:30 pm Little White Cubes III: DCCA University Exhibition Reception.  A General  Theory of TONIGHT reading with performers John Farnum, Maiza Hixson, Jerry Hodge, Kathrine Page, Delona Seserman, and Amy Stevens, and live auction of a framed reproduction print of Andrew Wyeth's Christina's World.
Little White Cubes III is a community-based collaboration between the DCCA Curatorial Department and the newly founded DCCA University, comprised of regional artists, DCCA museum staff, members, and guides. In keeping with the Little White Cubes theme of makeshift artists’ gallery spaces, this third iteration functions as an alternative school for critical dialogue surrounding the institutional framework of the gallery and exhibitions as cultural objects. The title of DCCA University is meant to reference the ancient Greek origins of museums, which were primarily devoted to scholarship. Hence, the DCCA University visitor is invited to peruse the University’s modest library with relevant texts, write down ideas on the adjacent chalkboard, and view the Powerpoint presentation on the history and development of contemporary artistic and curatorial practice. Creating a rhetorical dialogue with the theme of Little White Cubes, a littler white cube has been constructed within the larger gallery and features dynamic programming throughout the month of March. Lastly, visitors are invited to conceptualize their own exhibitions by filling out complimentary exhibition proposal forms and pinning them to the wall board. DCCA University overturns the conventional curatorial practice of displaying art objects and redefines curating as an alternative form of education and collective knowledge production.
- Maiza Hixson
Gretchen Hupfel Curator of Contemporary Art