Exhibit Dates: 
Mar 2, 2011 - Mar 27, 2011
Elizabeth Denison Hatch Gallery

An exhibit of recent works by DCCA studio artists Lynda Johnson and Anne Oldach. Each artist works in a series and pursues their unique expression in an exploration of color, form and light. Lynda Johnson's encaustics investigate a unique language of reoccurring shapes and lines and Anne Oldach manipulates suggestions of space and narrative in mixed media assemblage and wax, with overlays of imagery and tonal rhythms.

- Lynda Johnson and Anne Oldach


Anne Oldach Artist Statement

The body of work represented here combines the elements of collage and pigment in bees wax (encaustic.)  An attached, individual, 3D object sometimes ornaments them.  The collage elements come from magazines and newspapers and I especially like vintage images from old posters, magazines etc.  I am pleased when the images create the sensation of spatial depths with elements moving forward and receding in space.

I am attracted to both images of nature and stories that reflect a specific cultural context. My collages can be organized around relatively logical thoughts, but often, I find I am drawn to juxtapose quite disparate images and to accept a certain element of chance connections that will spark different responses depending on the viewers’ own experiences. My feeling is that various Surrealists and artists such as composer John Cage came prepared with all their own aesthetic chops but invited the serendipity of the randomness of the universe "in" to have its voice. Some of my images are quite layered and in the layering things emerge which are a welcome surprise even to me.