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Hi! My name is Andria Floyd, and I'm excited to share with you how the DCCA Creative Arts Club (CAC) helped mold me into the person I am today!

For my junior and senior years at Delcastle Technical High School, I spent many an afternoon at DCCA. It was time well spent for someone who wants to work in the arts. My school was so technical. It was always less about creation and more about getting the job done. Having a place like CAC let all of us put our artistic minds to work. We got to express ourselves in ways that we normally couldn't, and we got to meet professional artists who do it everyday. The friendly environment and people we got to meet helped inspire all of us.

For me, going through the process of creating something, finishing it, and having people look at it and understand your point of view is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It is very comforting to me. At school we had restrictions on our creativity. At CAC we got a longer leash to use our imaginations and explore our creative sides. We had the freedom to get lost in what the final product was going to be without any restrictions, which enabled us to grow as people and artists.

I enjoy making art because it freezes time. When you create a piece of artwork you capture a mood, moment, or feeling from the past, and it is amazing to think about. In my junior year, we did this washable graffiti on walls and little rocks painted with nice messages. Just a simple, "Have a nice day," or "Smile." I loved creating something that some random person may see going to work. So... how does the DCCA move you? One of my favorite things that DCCA Teaching Artist Ms. Jen told us was, "If you can't bring them to the art, bring it to them."

There are so many students like myself who are unsure of what they want to do with their life; my time at the DCCA helped me figure out that I would like to be a photo journalist. I have great memories of my time in CAC and creating artwork is when I'm the happiest. Please help others get inspired by the DCCA through their thoughtful exhibitions and education programs like the CAC by giving a gift. It will help keep the DCCA moving forward, which in turn, will enable students like me to continue to reach for our dream of working in the arts!

Thank you!


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Andria Floyd
DCCA Creative Arts Club Student

P.S. The DCCA will recognize donors of $1,000 or more towards our Fall Fund Drive at a privately hosted party in December. Please make a contribution by November 30, 2015, to join in our celebration!