The JP MorganChase Studio Artists at The Delaware Contemporary are a community of artists, a collaborative experience - an opportunity for dialogue - 26 on-site artists studios enhance the exhibition space at The Delaware Contemporary. While these studios are normally accessible to the public by appointment only, during the Art On The Town loop nights, their doors are open from 5 - 9 pm. Meet the artists, discuss contemporary issues, learn new techniques, and purchase your favorite pieces.

Hallie Albano (painting)

Ruth Ansel (painting)

Emily Artinian (language)

Hugh Atkins (collage)

Renee Benson (painting/sculpture)

Jennifer Borders

Rachel Briggs

Caroline Chen (painting)

Lisa David (painting)

Graham Dougherty (painting)

Verna Hart (painting)

Dan Jackson (painting)

Lynda Johnson (metal working)

Seonglan Kim Boyce (painting)

Ken Mabrey (painting/printmaking)

John Paul Mac Issac (video artist)

Carol Maurer (fiber/labyrinths/writing)

Scott McClurg (printmaking/photography)

Mia Muratori

Anne Oldach (sculpture)  

Lauren Peters

Richard Remenick (painting)

Kyle Ripp

Brad Vanneman 

Carson Zullinger (photography)


Deborah Johnson,
Dangerous Waters

Ken Mabrey
Bonsai Pipeline, 2010

Carol Maurer,  Labyrinth Yarnbomb, 2012, knitted yarn

Emily Artinian, Found, 2014, installation (install view)

Richard RemenickTrain tracks in Wilmington, 2012, oil on paper

Seong Lan KimAir of Return
Oil on Canvas, 2013

Renee Benson
No. 185, 2013, acrylic on canvas