Elements Combined

Exhibit Dates: 
May 4, 2012 - May 27, 2012
Elizabeth Denison Hatch Gallery

Graham Dougherty and Lynda Johnson

DCCA Studio Artists Graham Dougherty and Lynda Johnson's exhibition titled "Elements Combined" is a true amalgamation of two artists’ approaches and techniques synthesized into finished artworks.  The two artists worked together on each of four panels integrating techniques, artistic vision, and approach. The work of Dougherty is architectural in nature, and structured in technique. Johnson’s method is organic in nature and embraces spontaneous discoveries as the encaustic process unfolds.  The combination of these two artists’ different approaches utilizing Dougherty's oil painting techniques and Johnson's encaustic process results in a building up of layers over time. Each artist took turns with the panel as the layers developed. The process created a completely different result than either artist had previously anticipated and challenged the artists’ artistic tendencies.  Dougherty released control and allowed for the blurred lines and fluid, more spontaneous merging of architecture and process. Johnson's challenge was to heed Dougherty's structural approach and control the encaustic process, more than she had previously.


About Graham Dougherty:

"We give shape to our rooms; then rooms give shape to our lives. We pass through rooms unseeing; walls, floors, ceilings, doorways become unnoticed, accepted, ordinary. It is light, which transforms the commonplace pragmatic shelter into a metaphor of remembered or desired sensations.”


About Lynda Johnson:

Artist Lynda Johnson's own work in the exhibition is different in approach than her earlier pieces.  Where as previously Johnson was building up layer after layer with her encaustic process, she decided to approach some earlier work that had been emerging over a period of years that was still un-resolved.  What started as pieces with up to ten layers of built up textures, shapes, and color now was being scraped away removing the original composition and exposing the "inner-core" of the work.  The layers built up over years are obscured emotions that are now revealed. The process was still organic in nature and decidedly spontaneous as always. By leaving only glimpses of the original composition, Johnson invites the viewer to take a look at the exposed panels and subsequently at the exposed layers of feelings and emotions that the artist conveys.Encaustic panels by Lynda Johnson


The four panels that Dougherty and Johnson created in collaboration are available for purchase.  The proceeds will be donated to the DCCA Studio artists group for their gallery upkeep supplies.