Exhibit Dates: 
Aug 4, 2010 - Aug 29, 2010
Elizabeth Denison Hatch Gallery

Jane Quartarone and Delainey Barklay's creative processes are similar in nature in that, fluidity of thought, concept and materials is not unfamiliar territory to them.  Combining paintings with a playful and bouyant "Humidity Garden" with the element of melting ice seems to pool the two bodies of work together.

The common themes of my work are texture, repetition, layering and the simplification of images. These elements occur throughout individual pieces as well as series of works. Stylized base components are meant to be quickly absorbed, like viewable shorthand. The idea of reduction can also be found in the restricted pallet and the controlled texture. The obvious and subtle repetitive elements are calculated and done with thought; they weave through layers of individual paintings as well as my entire body of work.

- Delainey Barclay