The Elliptical Frontiers

Exhibit Dates: 
May 20, 2011 - Sep 18, 2011
DuPont I Gallery


With an acute understanding of color relationships, proportion, and design, Robert Straight explores abstraction in his acrylic paintings. Taking imagery and ideas from the world around him, he continually investigates the materials and forms of painting, choosing to never settle into a particular style. Characteristics common to all of his painting and drawing include a command of the language of abstraction, both geometric and organic, careful attention to materials and processes, and a particular sensitivity for color and the relationships between colors. Best known for his understanding of geometric abstraction, he also explores paint application, including the use of a squeegee, laser-cut paper patterns, and even making his own tools rather than relying simply on a brush. He builds up his surfaces through a series of layers, utilizing a stencil technique, masking out sections of the painting. Throughout his career, Straight has investigated and utilized the history of art, mathematics (number sequences and Euclidean constructions), structures found in nature, and the images and objects of diverse cultures. His new body of work continues to explore these themes. Tree branches, fan shapes, and floral forms populate the compositions, along with geometric structures. Straight brings together images from many sources, creating multiple levels and strata, producing dynamic images that play with pattern and design.

—J. Susan Isaacs, PhD, DCCA Curator of Special Projects

All images courtesy of Schmidt/Dean Gallery, Philadelphia, PA