Exhibit Dates: 
Sep 3, 2013 - Sep 30, 2013
Elizabeth Denison Hatch Gallery


Daniel Jackson - Fictions - Opening Friday September 6, will feature new paintings, including several large canvases in Jackson's hyper-realistic often humorous style. The exhibition runs through the month of September in the Hatch Gallery at the Delaware Center for the Contemoprary Arts.

Artist statement:

For most of my life I have been captivated by many different kinds of art, but in my own work I have always been drawn to illusionism. I feel it in my gut. Realistic images draw me in immediately without engaging my filters. It has always been a goal of mine to marry good painting to good ideas. I mostly paint still-life paintings that are constructed to fool the viewer’s eye into believing they are seeing something tangible. Still-life painting is rich in tradition and I get inspiration from contrasting historical painting with my own ideas about material culture. Much of the playfulness in my work lies in examining the transformation that occurs when an ordinary object is elevated to an art object. I find it fascinating how the meaning of an object can be altered by how it is presented. For example, if an artist spends the time to lovingly and meticulously recreate a bad painting, can it now be seen as a good painting? It started as something poorly painted but was transformed through the process of re-painting it into something masterfully painted, yet it still looks like the original painting. What is the source of its goodness or badness? Was it transformed from an object of bad taste to an object of good taste? The challenge I enjoy is trying to present both options at once. Are the seemingly everyday and ordinary objects I choose as my subject matter worth painting? Or are they a display of great taste simply because of the fact that they were painted? Is the animal in the painting stuffed or alive? Is the bowl of fruit ripe or a just a photo? I believe art comes to life when it is open to interpretation and many possible meanings exist simultaneously. Still life is particularly interesting to me because it seems to transform the artist’s studio into a laboratory. All of the necessary ingredients are present and all that is required is a hypothesis to test. The magic happens when each element of the painting is carefully placed and presented to create unexpected and new results. 

- Daniel Jackson