Sleight of Hand

Exhibit Dates: 
Sep 7, 2010 - Jan 9, 2011
E. Avery Draper Showcase

In this exhibition, Myers explores the concept of "value" through transformation utilizing the language of metalsmithing and the methodology of the consummate craftsman. For her exhibition at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, the artist presents two bodies of work: Disposable Series and Aluminum Series. Myers’s Disposable Series includes objects modeled after different styles of "takeout" food containers. Each object is hand fabricated using sheet metal and then plated in sterling silver. The patterned surface on the objects is created from recycled metal re- claimed from "found" manufactured silver-plated serving trays engraved and stamped with decorative motifs. The most recent artworks in this series take this transformation a step farther by manipulating or "unfolding" the form of the Chinese takeout box to highlight a method of construction unique to this type of disposable container. Aluminum Series is comprised of dimensional metal constructions for the wall and several fabricated metal sculptures. These works are all hand fabricated from thin aluminum flashing that the artist forms and manipulates like ribbon or paper, but, unlike these materials, her sculptures have the structural strength and integrity of metal. The paradox between materials, process, and context is an approach often employed by the artist as she surveys modern life—what we consume and how we consume it—both literally and figuratively. Myers’s works demonstrate a sophisticated wit. They are exquisitely constructed and stunningly beautiful. These attributes contrast with their mundane subjects, presenting fascinating sculptures that ask each of us to consider the detritus of our daily lives—what we consume and what we throw away—and what we hold of value.