This Space is Intentionally Left Blank

Exhibit Dates: 
Jan 19, 2013 - Apr 21, 2013
E. Avery Draper Showcase

In her interactive multi-media installation, Kerry Adams incorporates Twitter feeds into the gallery, creating a literal dialogue with visitors on the ubiquitous nature of technology and the role of individuality and community in daily life. Introducing language, electrical cords, and IPad tablets as aesthetic, sculptural elements, this exhibit hinges upon social media and physical engagement within the white cube.

Twitter is an online social networking service that enables people to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as "tweets". In Adams’ exhibition, tweets appear on the surrounding IPad tablets and visitors are encouraged to tweet to the IPad feed using their own phones by typing in #leftblank. According to the artist, being able to tweet to her exhibition “…will allow you to add to the dialogue about attempts to communicate, failed communication, and the moments we miss right in front of us as we search for what is out of reach.” Ironically, as viewers approach the tablets to read the messages, a motion sensor forces the Twitter streams to turn off, metaphorically enabling us to “unplug” from the screen-based chatter and to re-engage with our present surroundings.

According to Pear Analytics, the majority of tweet content includes spam, self-promotion, and pointless babble. Only 3.6% of Tweets are considered newsworthy and 8.7% of pass-along value. In This Space Is Intentionally Left Blank, Kerry Adams’ work would seemingly suggest the gallery as a test site for face-to-face conversation.

Participate in Kerry Adams’ multimedia installation This Space Is Intentionally Left Blank as part of the live gallery Twitter feed by tweeting to #leftblank.